Saturday, August 4, 2012

Coming to a close

Friday marked the end of our summer term!  Despite excitement for the weeks of vacation that are to follow, it was a bit difficult to feel truly “liberated,” given the plethora of papers and assignments we still have to complete over the next few days.  Little by little, though, the light at the end of the tunnel is getting brighter!

Reflecting on our final 504 session, I thought the panel of former MACers was a great way to round out the summer.  I really enjoyed hearing their perspectives.  Although listening to the insights of any in-practice teacher is interesting and relevant, I was able to connect with these presenters in a different way, since we are currently walking a path similar to that which they took.  Over the past 2 months, I’ve come to realize that the MAC program at U of M is a truly unique experience (all for the better, though at times very challenging!!).  Getting a first hand account of what other MAC students have gone on to do after their experience at U of M was enlightening and motivating!

Concluding thoughts on the tech course…

I very much appreciated and valued our class this summer.  Whether or not we choose to use each and every technological tool in the future that we were exposed to, the skills I learned will endure throughout my career.  What I have taken away from our class is a greater openness to the tools and resources that are out there and an awareness of the novel ways that technology can be used in the classroom, beyond what I ever would have thought.

Enjoy the rest of the summer, everyone!


  1. The panel was, indeed, an appropriate and encouraging was to close the term. I was dreading a class full of new information that would be completely wasted, since it's the end of the semester and we wouldn't get a chance to practice. A day to review and look ahead was just the ticket. What tools do you see yourself using? By which were you surprised?

  2. I also enjoyed the visit form past MACers. It's not often you get to hear from people that are doing exactly what you will be doing. I really enjoyed being exposed to different types of technology. It was also interesting to see that there are so many ways to do the exact same thing. There really is something out there for everyone. I know I may not use every piece of technology that we were taught, however I can see the value in each of them.

  3. At first I read "little" in front of "papers and assignments." I let our a horrified gasp in the middle of the fishbowl (my favorite computing site on campus). I thought, "who is this person? Since when were those assignments 'little,' especially for someone about to embark on a destination wedding??" I thought you were a superwoman before, and that little sentence really blew me away. After rereading, I am glad to see these assignment aren't "little" to you, I feel a little less inadequate ;).
    I also really appreciate this class. If I was left to my own devices, I would not know nearly as much as I now do about technology. Though I know I won't use it all, I do know I have an arsenal of tools at my disposal when the appropriate time comes along.
    I agree, the panel of former MAC students was very useful. The way no one but our fellow cohort members know how we feel, I think former MAC students are the only ones that understand our particular anxieties about our future in teaching.

  4. Paula,
    I know this is unrelated but I would first like to say I hope you have a truly fantastic wedding and that it is filled with joy and family.
    Back to business. I know what you mean about not quite feeling liberated after class on Friday. Even as I sit and type this now several days later I STILL have yet to complete all the work that needs to be in for me to be officially "done" with the term. However, I do agree when you say how unique the MAC program is, and I feel like in many ways they are trying to prepare us for all the different going on's that we will face on a regular basis as teachers. How many different things can they juggle at once? sort of thing.
    At any rate, enjoy these couple weeks off & your new hubby. Congratulations!

  5. Cheers to summer!

    I also enjoyed having the panel of former MAC'ers in class. This was officially the first opportunity we had to "grill" MAC graduates/teachers about their teaching experiences (Mr. Ward not included). I also noted the diversity of experiences and schools represented by the panel members, and it makes me wonder what my life and career will be like a little over a year from now...