Friday, July 27, 2012

A deviation from education...

Last week, I posted a photo of one of my "babies" but failed to acknowledge the other three!  So, here they are.  Bean (the princess of the family), Caffrey (after a serious bout of digging in the flower bed), and Onyx (the token reptile of the household, our black rat snake)!

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  1. Onyx is the name of the precious crested gecko in my life! (A good name, I must say!)

    Yaaaay. Thanks for sharing these. :) It reminds us of our humanity during the craziness of our summer session. I am sure you find your animals' presence quite comforting and therapeutic. It's amazing how I appreciate more and more spending time doing the simplest things, like hanging out with my animal friends at home, while I've been so busy with school.

    However, I also found therapeutic the time we spent with our middle school students this summer. They made me feel like I was someone to look up to, and someone to look forward to seeing. (And they hardly even really know us personally!) I was a bit heartbroken at the realization that we probably won't be seeing them again...for a while! And so, as teachers we can probably look forward to the joy of sharing so much time with our future students. We only spent, in total, approximately 24 hours with our middle school friends. Just think about how our academic family will grow once we start working.

    So again, thanks for sharing pics of your babies. As teachers, we'll have a TON more "babies" that will be sharing our academic affections.

    Like how I turned this into an educational experience? :)