Friday, July 27, 2012

And then the world got bigger

Diigo—Evernote—Google Reader—I feel like my awareness of the electronic world just expanded exponentially in a matter of hours!

I was already an avid user of Skype and Dropbox, but I see myself very quickly assimilating either Diigo or Evernote (probably not both, though I am willing to give each an equal shot) into my repertoire of resources.  As each new “device” (for lack of a better term) was introduced, my mind began to spin with the wealth of possibilities that such an online organization tool can offer.  My previous endeavors in organizing noteworthy websites, online articles, and blogs came to a halt once the browser “bookmark” button was clicked.  At the time, this seemed to suffice, however, I now see how useless my past attempts have been with regard to actually making sense of—or putting to any real use—the information bound within these links.   

Diigo and Evernote offer the ability to store, share, edit, annotate, and organize a vast array of files, links, and documents.  This integrative, collaborative, and multi-functional method for storing electronically generated material is not only helpful but, in my opinion, imperative to any comprehensive attempt at optimizing the way in which one interacts with the electronic resources.  Oh how I wish I had known about these things sooner!!


  1. I'm glad to read your last sentence - we did this project two months later last year and moved it up as an experiment this year!

    PS - I use Diigo for text-based stuff but use the Evernote clipper to gather up images for things I want to make. Somehow, that works well for me!

  2. Ugh, tell me about it. What's drawn me to Pinterest is that it allows me to visually organize all my bookmarks, so I don't just glance over them and forget why they initially appealed to me. I'll still use that for saving sites, probably, more than I will Evernote; I do love Evernote as a sort of digital binder, though. Diigo I see as wonderful for research projects, as we discussed in class today: marking up articles and sharing those notes with other people in your group. Fantastic.